About Us

EmailConsulting is a Europe-based boutique Marketing Company founded in 2017. We are an experienced and skillful team of 7+ marketing wizards who help medium-sized В2В and В2С businesses collect bases and monetize them as much as possible. 

We know how to set up such services as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Convead, and others so you could automatically communicate with each of your clients in the channels: email, push, pop-up, messengers and others.


After analyzing the reasons for low conversions and marketing problems you face thoroughly, we will offer you the best possible solutions to your business problems in the shortest terms. Contact us today to get more sales tomorrow!


We are really good at:

— understanding analytics and email marketing metrics; 

— increasing the conversion rate optimization and sales through mailings;

— developing an email communication strategy;

— improving sales performance;

— setting up welcome chains;

— integrating Klaviyo with Magento, Shopify and/or WooCommerce;

— creating triggers in Klaviyo;

— making up texts and newsletter designs; 

— maintaining mailings with MailChimp and other services regularly.

We have great skills and experience in:

— copywriting; 

— management;

— graphic design;

— technical consulting; 

— front-end/HTML;

— other email services such as Mixpanel, MailChimp, Convead, etc.

Case studies:


After organizing an extra open rate campaign, promotional sales have been increased by 2.5 times! 



We created welcome chain letters and, as a result, the customers’ conversion rate has been increased by 20%.



Made up a triggers map and increased customer lifetime value (LTV) by 1.7.